How to Belly Dance

Belly dancing is a style of dancing that involved the swaying of the hips. Not only does it look nice but it is great exercise as well. There are some belly dancing tips to follow to perform these dance moves.


It is important to stretch before beginning the dance. It is recommended that beginners practice in front of a mirror until they master the moves. The music that is played for belly dancing should have a base that is repetitive. For this form of dance music with origins from the Middle East tend to work best.


Once the music is set it is time to get into the position to dance. The upper body should be straight and the back should not be arched at all. Tuck in the butt so that it is aligned with the rest of the back. The knees should be slightly bent but not in a locked position. The feet should be parallel on the floor and they should be spread apart. The chin should be lifted upward and the shoulders should be slightly held back.


To begin to dance the arms should be lifted up and the muscles in the stomach should be flexed. The hips are then moved and the lower back is put into a position where it has a large arch. There are some basic moves that need to be mastered. The hips are swayed from side to side. The left hip is lifted up and then the right hip is lifted. This should be done slowly at first and as the dance continues this can be done faster. The hips should be at a speed where they are considered to be shimmying. The back and forth hip movement is another basic dance move. The hips are pushed back and they are pulled forward. This needs to be done with the center of the pelvis so that it looks like a dance move.


While the hips are swaying it is important to move the rest of the body in a graceful manner. The arms need to stay in the air and they should be positions at an angle. The fingers can be moved as well. This adds to the dance move and will provide additional balance. To move around on the dance floor the heel of the right foot is lifted just until the tips of the toes are the only thing that is on the ground. The hips should also be moved up at this time. This movement is then repeated with the left foot as well as the left hip. This should be alternated as a dancer is moving around. Once these moves are mastered the hips can be moved in a circular pattern. A dancer should act like they are drawing circles with their hips.


These are some ways that a person can learn how to belly dance. These dance moves are designed to help a dancer look graceful while they are on the floor and dance in a seductive manner.